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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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those possible closings and firefighter layoffs are on the table unless the mayor and city council agree on a package of new taxes and fees. christian schaefer is here with our top story tonight. >> our stripped down proposal, would be laid off more than 60 positions would be eliminated. now would be a time to make some very tough decisions on new as the taxes. >> the broadway east area of baltimore calls themselves the raiders of the lost spark. the raiders haven't been around for a while but he has. >> everyone in the area know these fellas. >> you know, playing with the kids, play football or something like that. keep the kids out of trouble. >> residents are worried about slower response times. the other companies on the chopping block are engine 36
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along edmonds stop avenue, which just celebrated it's 100th year. >> they already closed a lot of them down, we need to keep them local. >> reporter: neighbors want the station kept open even if it means passing the most controversial budget proposal, a 4% tax on most beverages sold in baltimore city. >> the files is more important. >> reporter: baltimore city council has been considering a panel of taxes. the mayor says she doesn't see how the council can restore the bulk of the budget cuts including those three fire companies without the beverage tax. >> i don't care if they make it 20 cents, a life is more than a bottle of soda or a bottle of liquor what everyone taxes. >> the opponents think it would drive business out of the city, city leaders have been lobbying against it. they must complete their work on the budget by the end of
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this month. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. >> speaking of cutbacks, trash is suspended indefinitely until they can figure out a way to pay for it. that caused some headaches, those used to having larger items picked up curb-side at a higher cost. for now, expect to see some longer lines at the five drop- off centers. federal lawmakers are considering a $23 billion bailout for education. 5,000 maryland teachers face losing their jobs. they postponed a vote last week that would save teacher's jobs this fall. it seems it is difficult. while the superintendent of schools says baltimore county is planning to hire 800 new teachers, prince george county may lay off 800 teachers this fall. . rescuers are continuing their search for a mother and a 13-year-old daughter from
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virginia who fell into the poe stomach river during the memorial day picnic. the 35-year-old woman was trying to retrieve a ball when she lost her footing. the 13-year-old daughter tried to save her but both were pulled away by the current. a flow till a of activists is expected to land at a city dock tomorrow morning, they are headed to the state capital where they have some bold radicals for the restoration of the bay. . >> while bp continues to explore options for containing that massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico the federal government is exploring criminal charges. >> if our laws were broken lead to go this death and destruction my solemn pledge is that we'll bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe and the people in the gulf region. >> today they used under water robots to slice off the main
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pipe. this shows that cut timonen boosting the flow of oil into the gulf at least temporarily. they plan to fit a smaller custom-fitted dome over the spill and syphon it up to the surface. elijah cummings was expected to tour the disaster area in the gulf. on the weather front today we had a kind of a mix, sunshine early, storms in the afternoon, especially anne arundel county over to the eastern shore. now an isolated shower. take a look outside on the satellite radar, not a lot. a few clouds, also clearing in some spots. one shower also moving out of the essex. toward edge mere. it is putting down very little precipitation. i do want to show you this. unbelievably warm out there with the humidity. going to be a warm warm night, eventually down to 66 degrees. we should cool down into the 60s by daybreak, but it is warm
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out there tonight. we'll talk much more about the outlook, see what the temperatures look like, when the storms come back it's all straight ahead. kelly? >> thanks wyatt. the supreme court will now weigh freedom of speech over a grieving family's right to privacy. he sued at the maryland funeral for his son. he was a marine killed in iraq. friday night schneider picked up some high-level support in washington. 48 states and the district of columbia have submit add brief to the high court backing his legal fight against west borrow. >> i never looked at this as freedom of speech. i've looked at this as harassment. . >> the church pick else funerals because they believe war deaths are punishment for u.s. tolerance of homosexuality. only virginia and maine tee cleaned to support schneider. well the israeli government
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is under attack defending a military operation that left 9 civilians dead. they are calling for an independent investigation into what happened when israeli command o's stopped six ships with supplies. chevy chase was one of the 11 americans taken off the ship and quickly deported back home. >> i did not enter israel voluntarily. i was taken there by people who took over our ship in international waters which is piracy, if you will. >> now the israelis say they were attacked, a claim denied by those aboard. israel claims they boarded with paintball guns but turned to live ammunition when activists began beating soldiers with clubs and knives. but the israelis say they show the command o's as the abreast orszagh and they were simply defending themselves. a television producer is staying in his california home
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with his two children. prosecutors in mexico want to prosecute him for the murder of his wife. former survivor producer bruce redmond will fight extradition to mexico. in april the body of his wife monica was discovered in a septic tank at a cancun resort. the victim's family says the couple was on vacation to repair a troubled marriage and witnesses claim they had been fighting. mexican authorities named bruce a prime suspect, took his passport, and ordered him to stay in the country. in a written statement he says he did not murder his wife. first lady any they'll obama was in reno, nevada this morning for the 2010 women's summit. in her key note address mrs. obama said it is about bringing a diverse group of women together to talk about issues like health and finances that impact their life as women and as americans. a 20-year-old woman and her 40-year-old woman made a statement about oil in front of 2 white house today.
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it had nothing to do with the bp spill. one woman was chained to a bench. the other poured black liquid on her, to protest the sale of land to oil companies. president obama was meeting with peru's president at the time. a heads-up tonight for drivers. all the way eastbound, 695 will be closed at 95 or exit 33, closures began an hour ago, at 10:00, they are expected to last until 5:00 tomorrow morning. detours will be posted in the area. the closures are related to work on the i-95 express toll lanes. you think you are a smart driver? an insurance company service evidence ranked martinez in top 20 when it comes to the folks who could pass the driving test again. but does that translate into great driving on the roads? leftwich hit the streets to find out. when you're riding another driver's bumper the guy in front of you is a slow idiot. but when somebody is tailing
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you that guy is crazy. the rules of the road seem objective and apply only when it's convenient and never on days when you're running rate. there are rules of the road and the state of maryland says we have to follow them. but do you know these rules. >> if you drive through a deep puddle you should -- >> drive through it as quickly as possible, as slowly as possible, apply the breaks after you get through the puddle to dry them out, b and c are incorrect. >> no. >> reporter: they worked together but not necessarily on a driver's test. the question is this. if you have to drive through a deep puddle what should you do. >> a, i say a. >> drive through as quickly as possible. >> i would say b. >> drive through it quick you're gonna pop a tire. >> no, no-no no, no, this is a deep puddle. because you don't want your breaks to get wet. i want to get through there fast. >> the answer in this case is that you probably don't really want to drive a van through a deep puddle.
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the gmac driver's test is 20 yes, sir just like this. the 20 drivers who took it did pretty well. although it's hard to sell that to drivers who say if you watch these on the road you have to wonder about these results. >> this is baltimore. i think everyone is an idiot driver. >> really. what do they do that is so bad. >> takes forever for them to change lanes, they are careless when they, you know, do anything. >> sarah martinez and michael bar a could have answered every question correctly even though they are not far from taking the driving tells. but it showed that the age of the driver mattered. older drivers did better than younger ones. however, it doesn't hurt to have the confidence of youth. >> without a doubt many people won't know the answer to this. if you're out on the road driving and see the way a lot of people drive. they don't know what the rulings of the road is. . >> that was roosevelt leftwich reporting. drivers in the northeast scored lowest on the test while
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drivers in the midwest did the best. as far as men and women are concerned it was the men over the age of 35 who got the highest marks. ask anyone who is unemployed they'll tell you it is hard enough finding a job. so imagine getting this message in your search for opportunity. no unemployed people may apply. no exceptions. even more shocking, who this came from, with this hard- hearted rule. while your fruits and veggies may not be as healthy as you think. >> 88 humid degrees, 87 the old record. we're way above the record. we'll talk about much more when we get dry air in here and when the storms come back. it's all straight ahead. . abc 2 works for you.
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. well a pair of high-profile high school sweethearts became known for the kiss are now kissing good-bye 40 years of marriage. al and tipper gore with were all above this passionate kiss onstage at the 2002 convention. they confirmed they are separating, they say the decision was mutual, in an email sent to friends, after a long and mutual consideration. seems like your fruits and veggies may not be as healthy as you think. the environmental working group found 12 different kinds of produce reportedly containing up to 67 pesticides per serving. celery, peaches, strawberries, apples all made that list. researchers believe their soft skin tends to absorb more chemicals. they say by buying organic produce you can reduce the exposure by 80%.
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overweight moms to be could be passing along some health problems to the new importance. pregnant women who gain more weight than recommended have children who are heavier and are more likely to develop heart disease risk factors by the age of 9. doctors suggest women of normal pre-pregnancy rate can gain somewhere between 20 to 25 pounds. police are helping parents protect their children. today they were at the red robin restaurant in orangeville fingerprinting kids for child id kits. those kids' personal information that is important tools for law enforcement if the child goes missing. head robins are giving away the kits free with a purchase off the kids menu until june 13th. . well federal officials have a warning tonight for drivers of 2010 ford fusions and milans. the national transportation safety administration had several complaints of gas
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pedestrian always getting stumbling on all-weather floor mats, it happened when they were stacked on top of regular malts. the prices at the pump are pushing people to look at alternatives, today they showed off their environmentally friendly meals. an electric motorcycle which are plug-in and can be charged from an electric grid. >> you're seeing an extremely simple car. the problem is the cost of batteries and that continues to come down and should come down a lot when they start mass- producing cars in the fall. the nissan and the chevy volt will be the first ones to market on the new modern ones. >> it was advocated by the advocacy group environmental maryland. in a town known for its sweet treats could be a bitter development to tell you about tonight. they may cut up to 600 jobs as it modernizes one of its plants, would also turn the
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original chocolate factory into an office building. it will approve the agreement which will be voted on friday. jobless need not apply. that's the message from one company making it even harder for the unemployed to get back to work. chris swag earth explains. no unemployed people may apply. no exceptions. >> reporter: it's not the kind of message peter may expected to see on a job listing. but when he visited a web site for the people place, a florida recruiter, there it was in bolt type. no unemployed candidates will be considered at all. >> just totally leave those people out of the mix. just, it's stupefying. >> the listing was for sony erickson. they recently announced it would be moving its headquarters to buckhead. they were apparently wooed by $4 million in state tax credits and is expected to bring 480
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jobs to the area. >> to be honest if you it kind of angered me to say i'm a good enough guy. >> reporter: he is middle-aged and well-established in his career. he is laid off through no fault of his own but the recruiter who posted the listing says the unemployed may have an increasingly difficult time finding work. howard lawson declined to discuss the sony erickson listing exclusively. but he did say employers wanting to hire only employed applicants is a growing trend. after six months of looking for work they know the job market is competitive and submitting an application is no guarantee he'll get the job. he just wants a chance. >> >> if you don't each have a chance, up less apply, it blue my mind. i didn't know what to think. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. hard to be it's like 76
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trees at 11:15, kind of emaily. >> when you throw in the humidity, the hue any decks around 80. warm out there tonight. this is what we expect in july and august. the first day of june, a little premature here. >> right. >> maybe the pendulum is swinging from last winter. i don't know what's going on. it should be warm. let's go outside and a little bit of a break, we've got some dry air west of baltimore, but not in here yet. no wind in here yet. humidity 84%, some stagnant air, ozone concerns, into the day tomorrow, we take a look first and foremost at maryland's most powerful radar. a pretty quiet radar picture here, but if we look closely at our five sweeps in action, moving over centreville, or just to the west of that area, one shower that was over the essex area earlier over to bay, we take you further to the west, one decent little shower firing off here north of d.c.
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and south of rockville. other than that a pretty quiet night out here on the radar screen. most of the storms are gone. lots of wild changes in the day here, never really getting hit with much rain downtown. it was a different story through anne arundel county. a couple of heavy storms over the open chesapeake. they moved east and eventually south and off of delmarva. and rain totals today really depended where you were. we had a half inch of a brief downpour at columbia and pasadena as well. there was a pretty heavy downpour there. but they didn't get anything out there. temperatures today upper 80s, i think we're right back there tomorrow, a little less humidity tonight, it is a balmy evening in the low to mid-70s, the humidity feels warmer, got to crank the ac, humidity, 100%
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humidity inies ton, 84% in baltimore. 82%, here is what we see in late july and early august. those showers from earlier today, could see them all going offshore and fizzling out. think we're in the clear, all sunshine going to be the story. but as we work into the day after tomorrow and thursday, that could change. dry and warm tomorrow, a little less humid briefly as this air moves in as early as tomorrow night. keeps us nice and dry tomorrow and sumpy but as we go into thursday, the afternoon, especially here you see the chance for showers, and coming back, thursday night still some showers, finally as we move friday morning, a little bit of a pattern. overnight 66, showers, what few we have will come to an end. cooling down a little bit toward daybreak. we hope we get down to 60s, 88 tomorrow afternoon but a repeat. more sun, a little less
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humidity. down to only 70 as the humidity kind of works its way back into the picture. 70, forecast here, gonna be hot as we go into thursday. 90 or so. thursday afternoon, looks like the chance for a shower or storm into the weekend not heavy rain but there will be some scattered storms around. >> thanks wyatt. well the weather was blamed for this jaw-dropping site. a sink hole like we have never seen before. a sink hole 10 stories deep and it looks like it was cut with a knife. woohoo! it's really hot out. and that beret is really not hot. i am all roots and no time. i gotta run. no! ooh! ah...! ah! ooh! that was impressive... did you know you can easily touch up your roots-- without a salon. ta-da! root touch up-- specially designed for roots or grays. that pop up between regular colorings. in 10 minutes... bzzz! you're flawlessly matched and completely fresh.
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. well after being swept away by the toronto blue jays the orioles headed to new york to face the yankees, mattis pitched well but the birds didn't give him any run support. only scoring one run on the
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night sadly, again, the o's lose 6-1, they have now lost 6 straight. . >> press box sports report. >> stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. they are calling paris plunge. roger federer has been beaten by robin soderling. soderling won three straight sets 6-3, 7-5, 6-4. the ncaa lacrosse finals pitsed two teams who had never before won a championship at lacrosse. they controlled the faceoff and rushed down. scott rogers with the sixth andy sizive goal. the ravens made a bit of news off the field. they announced a long-awaited return of george ca kaymiss in
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a newly retired job as personnel assistant while also announcing the replacement of place kicker shane gram. read joe play taken ya's press report. >> hello. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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febreze. it's a breath of fresh air.
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. tropical storm agatha slammed guatemala leaving a gaping hole in the country's plaza. you got to look at that. a massive sink hole swallowed an entire 2010 including a clothing factory surprisingly no one was injured. authoritiesest the hole is about 65 feet deep and they say it was caused from water from the storm. if you look at it it almost looks like it is perfectly cut out. >> yeah, huge sink hole. >> yeah. >> and we see some of those in florida too but that's a massive one there. >> we won't complain about the ones in towson. >> means the potholes are bad around maryland. >> exactly.? let's take a look at the radar here kelly. a couple of little showers toward dc. one right here in the baltimore
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area. the outlook here for the weekend, as we go toward the weekend at least, it's gonna stay rather warm. we may come off into the low 80s by saturday into sunday, but tomorrow a little less humid. all i got. >> all right. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. we're back tomorrow 5, 6, 10, and 11:00. it's rollback time here at walmart,
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